Unique brake calipers to customise your car


Creating the perfect exterior design for your car can often create a journey fraught with decisions and customisation options. Whether it’s choosing the perfect wheel arches, selecting the right alloy wheels or even deciding on the tint levels for your windows, there’s a wealth of different areas that need to be considered. However, whilst there are a number of areas that can be looked at to improve the overall look and personality of your vehicle, if you’re looking for an area of customisation that will provide an instant change to your vehicle then a popular choice is selecting a tailored range of prestige brake calipers.

Available in a variety of styles and colour finishes, customised brake calipers can either be used to accentuate small areas of bold colour on your car, or add small areas of vibrant colour to a car with a dark or contemporary paint finish. In addition to this, the right set of calipers will give your car an added level of performance over a standard set, increasing the breaking capacity and safety levels of your vehicle.


At Void Auto we know the difference that a tailored range of brake calipers can make to your car, which is why we source the finest range from brake experts HiSpec. Manufactured from the finest billet aluminium and formed around a rigid, ultra-slim design, HiSpec provide the finest calipers for all vehicle makes and models, from lightweight vehicles to high-performance SUV’s. To complete the styling of your braking system your chosen set of calipers can be painted and embossed to your precise model specification and chosen colour scheme.

So whether you have a Range Rover Sport or an Aston Martin DBS, selecting the best range of wheel calipers can make all the difference, giving your car the personal touch and extra level of performance you’re looking for.