Land Rover Defender
Bespoke Design

4 x 4

At Void Auto we know that as a Land Rover Defender owner you expect very best from your vehicle. As the world’s leading 4×4, the Land Rover Defender has continued to push the standards in off-road automation, combining a multi-terrain exterior with a comfortable and luxurious 4×4 interior.

However, we also know that as a Land Rover owner you want to own a vehicle that’s completely personalised to your exact lifestyle, which is why we provide a range of bespoke Land Rover Defender accessories. Designed to provide a tailored service that will completely customise the interior or exterior of your original Defender or even the latest 2020 Defender.


For your Land Rover Defender interior we then look to add a unique sense of luxury with a full leather upholstery re-design, heated seats, dashboard replacement and multimedia installations to suit your needs.

Go off-roading in style with a Land Rover Defender conversion unlike any other.

Drawing from a range of bespoke materials, custom made parts and contemporary styling techniques; Void’s full conversion pays attention to every last detail to create a driving experience that’s as luxurious to ride in as it is to drive.