Land Rover Defender 90 Black with Warne Winch

5 Customisation techniques to give your Defender a unique transformation.

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Ever since the first Defender was launched by Land Rover in 1948, enthusiasts from around the world have succumbed to the stunning performance and rugged styling of this British classic.

Whilst the simple features and classic engineering of this legendary 4 x 4 set it apart from other off-roaders in the industry, with production ceasing 2013, Defender owners are embracing new styling techniques and customisation options to create a truly unique vehicle for their collection.

From custom exterior body kits to full-scale interior conversions, Land Rover Defender owners are taking all the original components that made the Defender one of the most sought after 4 x 4’s of its generation and customising it beautifully to create a completely unique offering. To show you how you can bring a tailored approach to your Defender, our experts at Void Auto have outlined  5 very different customisations options that will give your LRD a contemporary and luxurious twist to create an off-roader unlike any other:

1. Hand-stitched leather interior.

Just as you’d expect to see a beautifully crafted and hand-stitched interior within any luxury sports car, you can now create a stunning design for the interior of your Defender. At Void Auto we use the finest Italian Leather in a variety of colours and styles to create a bespoke design that’s hand crafted to your exact requirements. With the latest interior finishes, gone are the days of driving in a cold, noisy and dull space as you can now create a driving experience that’s tailored to your exact requirements and lifestyle.


2. Bespoke interior lighting and roof lining.

Whether you want to give your vehicle a relaxing glow as you go about your journey or simply want to make your Defender’s interior more elegant, you can now transform your 4×4 with bespoke LED lighting that’s styled to your exact requirements. To enhance this further you can now give the roof of your off-roader a stunning finish with a wide range of  roof lining options, ensuring your vehicle looks perfect from the inside, out.

Land Rover Defender Gun Box

3. Secure shotgun box.

If you love your outdoor pursuits but need to find a safe and secure location within your Defender to store your shotgun and cartridges, Void Auto’s integrated shotgun box provides a truly unique solution. Designed to fit within the rear of your Land Rover and finished with a stunning mahogany drawer front, these luxurious Shotgun case solutions are secured to the latest shooting industry standards to ensure that your guns are perfectly packed away when you’re out on the road.

4. Integrated utility box.

If shooting isn’t your thing and you’d rather use the rear of your Defender to store expensive items, Void’s integrated utility box could be just what you need. Designed to fit in the same location as the integrated shotgun cabinet, this safe, secure and beautifully finished box has enough space to hold small and large items and can be locked at any time with your Defender key.


5. Advanced interior audio and entertainment system.

Now that you’ve given the full interior of your Defender a stylish makeover, the last area that you may want to consider is the audio system to ensure you’re kept entertained when out on long journeys. With Defender sound systems now available from top brands such as Bose and Bang and Olufsen, you can get a state of the art system that can be designed and fitted around the bespoke interior upgraded 4×4.

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