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How to choose the perfect Vehicle Interior

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In the same way that you wouldn’t paint your lounge in just any old colour or style, creating the perfect interior for your luxury car or van is also about making the right choices. From choosing the perfect upholstery to selecting the right range of in-car gadgets, customising your vehicle interior involves a wealth of different decisions, all of which are extremely important in creating a driving experience that’s built around your personality

For most car owners the first area to take into consideration is the theme of your interior. Again, this is all down to personal preference, but when you choose the materials for your custom interior you need to make sure that everything works together and the materials for your upholstery complement those used on the dashboard and front display. Most vehicle interior experts should be able to help you with this, using complimentary swatches to help your pick the perfect combination, but whether you want a style that’s sleek and modern or textured and vintage, make sure that everything works together before you start to discuss the design.

3D Vehicle Interior Design

Once you’ve agreed this with your chosen expert then the next thing to consider is the individual touches that will make your interior unique. Whether you ‘d like to introduce contrasting upholstery piping and quilting to your chairs and ceiling, elegant wood detailing on the dashboard or an integrated Bose sound system with chrome speaker finishing, those little finishing touches will make all the difference to your chosen design and will create a style that’s completely individual to your vehicle.

The final thing to consider is the lighting and the multimedia installations that your new interior will contain. Recent trends have led to creating a constant glow in the car with excellent LED lighting and dashboard LED detailing. When it comes to multimedia the sky’s the limit because as well has having the ability to install the latest surround sound systems from Bose and Bang & Olufsen, many of the leading car interior designers now provide a range of more unusual products such as integrated arm rest fridges, boot mounted shotgun holders and


If you’d like more information on how you can create the perfect interior for your car or van then why not call one of our interior design experts on 020 3318 0882 for a Free consultation.

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